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Looking for Lineman jobs in United States is much like looking for any other kind of job anywhere else. You scour newspapers, online job listing, and spread the word that you are looking for lineman work. If you have already finished your three years as an apprentice successfully, you can begin looking for journeyman jobs and possible even work toward becoming a Red Seal lineman. This is a distinction that can only be achieved in United States, and it is worth it. A lineman's job is hard but rewarding. It is dangerous, but various safety measures such as buckets made of fibreglass and rubber apparel help keep lineman safe.

There are ways to gain an advantage when it comes to applying for lineman jobs in United States. One common problem is that often jobs are only posted internally. This means that only current employees are aware that there is a job opening, and therefore the jobs are taken before they are ever posted to the general public. The way around this is a simple change in goal. Rather than looking for lineman jobs, look instead for any job possibility with a company that employs linemen. Even if you are working in the mail room or as a janitor, you should get notification when lineman jobs come open.

You can also participate in and read job forums under the topic of lineman jobs in United States. Even just reading through them can offer very valuable information, but becoming part of the community can offer even more help. Ask questions, offer answers, and simply encourage others and you will find that there is a wealth of information to be had on the boards. For example, sometimes you can get a lead on a job that may be coming available in the near future, or one that is posted internally and may soon be posted externally. This will give you a chance to gear your resume specifically toward that particular company.

If you are having trouble finding lineman jobs in United States do not despair. The key is to be prepared when the perfect opportunity comes along. By keeping up with the standards and being active on related forums and message boards you will ensure that when that perfect job comes along you will be more than ready to go for it. It may also help to get some assistance with your resume and cover letter to ensure that it will stand out among all of the others that a potential employer comes across.

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Date Job Title Company Location
09-08-16 The successful candidate will be responsible for construction, operation, and sa... Portland General Electric Portland, OR
07-18-16 Serviceman... FirstEnergy/Toledo Edison Northwood, OH
12-16-15 Apprentice Lineman (Lineman College Graduate)... Standard Utility Construction Inc Fort Worth, Texas
10-11-16 Govert Powerline Services is seeking apprentice lineman to join our team. This i... Govert Powerline Services Rapid City, SD
10-11-16 Erect, maintain or repair overhead and underground electrical distribution and t... Otter Tail Corporation Crookston, MN
10-11-16 Under immediate supervision, working in a line construction or maintenance crew ... Ameren Dexter, MO
10-11-16 Substation Journeyman Lineman or Electrician. Applicants for this position must ... Northwestern Energy Billings, MT
10-11-16 Assistant Lineman and Lineman. At the conclusion of the Lineman Program, the emp... San Diego Metropolitan Transit System San Diego, CA
10-11-16 Xcel Energy is seeking to hire two Apprentice Lineman 1st-4th year or Journeyman... Xcel Energy Roswell, NM
10-11-16 Technical School Lineman degree or equivalent is required. Must presently be qua... Great Southwestern Construction, Inc. El Paso, TX
10-11-16 If it is determined that the work may be done, it may be done by those substatio... Pacificorp Preston, ID
10-11-16 GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF JOB: This is a skilled work level in the construction, ma... HHS Construction Inc. El Cajon, CA
10-11-16 Understand basic rigging, hand lines, and lineman knot tying. Groundman is an en... Primary Utility Services, LLC Lubbock, TX
10-11-16 Successful completion of a US department of Labor registered lineman apprentices... City of Chicago Chicago, IL
10-11-16 Must successfully complete the Lineman Qualification's test with a 75% or better... Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association Inc. Craig, CO
09-27-16 Lineman/Journeyman may work as a member of a crew of 2 or more co-workers, or wo... Florida Power and Light Company Bismarck, ND
09-27-16 Lineman/Journeyman may work as a member of a crew of 2 or more co-workers, or wo... Florida Power and Light Company Nashville, TN
09-27-16 Looking for experienced underground lineman. Must have experience in switching p... Altitude Energy Denver, CO
09-27-16 Journeyman lineman ( _certificate of completed apprenticeship required_ )*. NORT... Northwest Lineman College Oroville, CA
09-27-16 Lineman/Journeyman may work as a member of a crew of 2 or more co-workers, or wo... Florida Power and Light Company Washington, DC